About our journey

Khaara blog, providing efficient quality content through the fresh minds of the millennials.
Raghav Gupta

We are always given various perspectives when we start something, some are absorbed, while some are ignored. If we focus, Opinions have a great Impact. Explaining and discovering various voices is the sole motive of Khaara.
Indians define “Khaara” as a supporting term for salt and its flavour. Khaara, inspires me, it makes me rediscover certain boundaries that were always bland without the addition of someone’s presence/knowledge.
We are the junction, where fade is transformed, authors and thinkers are rediscovered and more of all, new perspectives and domains are discovered.
I am not an activist nor a social media influencer, but I believe that my contribution will have a positive impact on the people out there, who possess the treasury of knowledge and are waiting to be discovered.