‘Ayahuasca’ the psychedelic drug tea

Stereotypes have always been a part of our lives, and they are usually negative. We have added these preconceived notions into our lifestyle as well. “Work with a clear head”, someone has said, however, do we ever do? It is quite fascinating to see how some words coin a path along with them. If someone is indulged in ‘drugs’ then we already have defined his/her life and might have judged his/her future as well. ‘Now the question arises up, “are drugs good?”‘. Ayahuasca is a special brewed psychedelic tea which is consumed in and by the natives of South America.

Ayahuasca, boiling, psychotria viridis, Banisteriopsis caapi

When the leaves of Psychotria viridis plant along with the branches of Banisteriopsis caapi vine are boiled together, a thick brown tea is formed, which is called “Ayahuasca”.

Ayahuasca, Origin and Shaman

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Ayahuasca is traditionally used for spiritual and religious healing by the Amazonian tribes. It’s still a sacred religious practice, including long religious ceremonies in some native parts of Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica. There is a Shaman or a priest present in the ceremonies. The Shaman possesses the power and knowledge of Ayahuasca. He is the one who hosts the ceremonies and guides the traveller after drinking the tea, on his psychedelic trip/retreat.

The person consuming the drink falls into a psychedelic trip for about 2-6 hours. The effect usually takes 30 minutes to kick in the central nervous system. The duration of the trip depends solely upon the quantity and the quality of the brew.

The experience/trip of the tea is unimaginable and isn’t easy to explain, because the results are highly bipolar. The experience is either extremely scary or are deeply emotional. People have explained, that they were frightened to death; while some had a motivating trip and had a great impact on them. However, there is one thing in common, which is the sole purpose of doing Ayahuasca, that is “the answer to the purpose of their life.”

‘DMT’ the spirit molecule

DMT, spirit molecule, ayahuasca

The main Ingredient or the chemical in Ayahuasca is “DMT“. N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a strong chemical which targets the brain when injected orally. DMT produces various vivid projections of mystic experiences including strong auditory and visual illusions.

Over time DMT has gained a new terminology, it is also referred as the ‘spirit molecule‘. Ayahuasca’s high/trip is widely recognized as a third voice, which guides the traveler to his right career path. Some mention that, “it was a mother’s voice”, while other find a “manly voice” ,which mentors them through their whole experience.

DMT is not easily released in human body, it takes deep meditation to acquire a substantial release of DMT. People believe that DMT can resolve their mental health issues regarding career and personal life. Meditation is believed to promote the release of DMT naturally, however it is not proven scientifically.

Extensive meditation assists an individual’s pineal gland to produce DMT. The ideology might sound simple, but the journey is extremely daunting. Deep meditation rituals need time and patience, which is clearly missing in this technology driven world.

Continuous concentration and meditation along with a harmonious schedule can result in natural DMT success. However, if Ayahuasca can provide you with enough DMT for a lifetime, then what’s the use of meditation?

Why do people desperately want to consume Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca drink, dark brown colored drink in Brazil

The modern world absorbs hustle and efforts to produce fame and money. People chase their dream to become big to earn glamour and reputation. The fact is equally clear that, everyone don’t really find their career path to walk on.

Around 93% students in India just know about seven career fields. A wrong decision in career can lead to immense confusion and an unfulfilled life for a talented person.

DMT is believed to open the mind and unlock the doors of creativity. DMT’s trip will guide the person towards a life path that he always had wished for. Certain people have reported that they were able to find a right career path after consuming the drink. Furthermore, they even explain that the illusions are connected to their own life. The illusions are none other than their own vague past experiences, which became bright and clear during the Ayahuasca high.

However, reports have even stated that this might not be always successful. A bundle of cases even show the horrors of using the drink. Many people were so frightened that they were even diagnosed from PTSD right after the Ayahuasca experience.

Today, patience has left the room of an average human. Digital life and modern standards have enabled multitasking, which has furthermore degraded the attention of people. No one has the tendency to spare time for meditation as they want instant and curious ways to seek answers.

Ayahuasca is a wonderful getaway method which enables users to absorb DMT within a span of 2-6 hours. It is quite a wonder to believe that nature has different varieties of wonders to experience.

Religion around plants

A dozen of plants in the world possess the psychedelic chemicals, including the Indian datura. These plants are highly respected within their cultures, yet are disgraced amongst the law.

Datura plant is consumed by the Indian priests, they believe that the plant will unleash their true potential to the lord. Both datura and marijuana are extremely sacred plants, offered to lord Shiva in the Indian culture.

Likewise, Ayahuasca is highly respected in the Brazilian culture. The Shamans are the reputed priests, who still respect their culture and treat Ayahuasca as the god’s drink.The Shaman plays a huge role in the retreat, as he is the one who prepares the drink and guide the traveler. The shaman’s brewing standards can alter the quality and effect of the drink.

Over time, the word has spread about the benefits and the wonders of Ayahuasca. DMT is considered a controlled drug, therefore Ayahuasca becomes an Illegal substance to consume and transport outside Brazil.


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A very few countries and some nations have recognised Ayahuasca as an medicinal plant and have accepted its flow within their land. Brazil offers extensive legality of the trade and consumption of the plant. While Chile is restricted to controlled status. Yet, currently Ayahuasca is banned in most of the countries.

This drink might be helpful towards the society, but the thought of global legalization remains a question. These kind of psychedelic plants have deep value within their geographical sector. Whenever something enters the international market, either it is abused or it is gets corrupted.

Should you do Ayahuasca?

The article’s agenda is not to encourage users to consume the drink, nor is to mark it as a serious drug. The world is loaded with wonders, which can make someone wonder. But, the awareness towards these plants are region specific and have an altered perspective for it.

Consumption of such medicinal plants should be done under high supervision and should be done with trust. Due to the successful spread of the magic of Ayahuasca, the market of fake shamans has also increased. It is highly recommended that a person who intends to consume, should try in the country where it originated (Brazil).

People usually consume Ayahuasca to gain spiritual guidance for their career. The question comes up, “Is Ayahuasca worth drinking, with all the risks it involves”? Meditation seems a far practical and safer option to seek spiritual confidence. As along hustling up for a goal becomes a viable method to identity a person’s long term goals and interests.

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